Temperatura EN

When our chocolate is served cold, you taste only about 40% of its potential flavours – which is truly a shame!

To fully appreciate its potential, I recommend enjoying our chocolate between 27°C and 29°C (80°F and 84°F). This seemingly small yet important detail brings out more flavours and freshness in our chocolate.

When a cocoa bean is ground, the resulting granulometry of the cocoa is finer, and its surface is increased, just like chopping parsley.

The finer you process the cocoa bean, the more it is exposed to air, which results in a loss of both flavour and freshness (see charts below).  

Since our chocolate is the result of only grinding the best cocoa beans from Terreiro Velho, our beans are processed and ground as little as possible to maintain their flavour.

Moreover, as our cocoa is processed without adding lecithin or other emulsifiers, lower temperatures dry the consistency of our chocolate and inhibit many of the flavours.  

For this reason, the taste and feel of the very same chocolate is completely
different when it is tasted at 20°C or at 28°C.

At its right temperature, you immediately feel a difference in
the structure. Our chocolate is soft when you cut into it, and
doesn't crack. This is true of all of our chocolate, and is espe-
cially noticeable with the Ubric chocolates, which are thicker
chocolate blocks.

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