Chocolate 70% with raisins macerated in our cacao pulp distillate
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UBRIC 1, Chocolate 70% with raisins macerated in our cacaopulp distillate -100g

100 g
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Ubric 1 is probably the only chocolate in the world flavored with cacaopulp distillate.

We distill the cacaopulp directly on the plantation and in this distillate, pure as it comes from the still, we macerate the raisins.

After about two months of maceration, the raisins are drained and gently mixed with our 70% chocolate.

As with all our chocolates: Ubric 1 must be served soft and when cut it must not "break".

This delicacy is ideal for a unique dessert.

The ideal temperature to fully appreciate our chocolate is between 27ºC and 28ºC.

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