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Raw cocoa only peeled and cleaned from the root.
NB to remove the hard and woody root, the bean breakes.

In our plantation Terreiro Velho - in special wooden boxes - the cocoa from each harvest ferments separately in a natural and spontaneous way.

Some fermentations give a cocoa more suited to be consumed raw, while others give a cocoa more suited to be consumed toasted.

Being always an exquisite cocoa, not at all bitter and characterized by a very pleasant and sweet persistence, we offer it pure, raw and toasted.

Excellent to nibble neat, they are ideal for enriching yogurt, muesli, fruit salads, salads or in the kitchen.
We suggest my Tapenade:

All the ingredients are to put in a blender, in the following order:
100gr extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil, not too fragrant
40gr of pickled capers: compress them between two paper towels to remove all the liquid
30gr garlic, free of germ
100gr of raw cocoa nibs

2 anchoviesA pinch of “fleur de sel”
Close the blender, mix until the ingredients becomes almost an homogenous cream. Be careful, because if you mix them too long, the texture will certainly become more fine-grained, but will lose in fragrance. With my blender for example, I mix for about 4 minutes, first at low speed, then at full power.