Crystallized ginger spheres covered with 100% cocoa mass - 130g

130 g
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The exquisite match oft two grams of freshly ground, crystallized ginger with two-and-a-half grams of 100% chocolate. The Esferas are entirely handmade, one by one.

On the palate the fresh aromas of the ginger succeed the taste of the 100%. Remember that our 100% is the result of roasted and peeled cocoa beans. There is nothing added nor taken away.

Taste the Esferas at the right temperature (around 28-29°C).
Let one Esfera melt on your palate 5-10 seconds and enjoy the pure taste of the 100% chocolate. Once it becomes soft, and only then, bite them and enjoy the match between the two ingredients.

Sometimes, when I really feel like enjoying the esferas, I keep the packet in my pocket while I am working. The Esferas will warm up slowly to the perfect temperature. The only risk I face that I want to eat them all at once.